Basic Carnatic Vocal [By Sumukh]


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A perfect course to get started with, irrespective of your prior knowledge of Singing. However the minimum age for a student to enroll to this course is 8 years

This course is offered by tutor SUMUKH. He has completed his senior course in Carnatic vocals.

[Currently this course is offered online only]

This Course Covers The Following Topics

Practical portions for Level1:
  • Sarale varase
  • Tharasthayi varase
  • Mandrasthayi varase
  • Dhaatu varase
  • Janti varase
  • Alankaaraas
  • Pillari geethas
  • Sanchari geethas
  • Swara jathies
  • Varnas
  • Keerthanes
  • Vilamba Kaala Kruthies
  • Lakshana geethas
  • Vachanas
  • Basic Ragas & Talas
Theory  portions for Level 1 :
  • Introduction to basic aspects of Carnatic music : Shruthi, Tala, Raga

Duration of the course

8 sessions [Renewable at the end of each 8 session cycle]

Terms & Conditions:

  • All course duration and cost are fixed as mentioned in our package.
  • only up to 1 backup session can be provided upon prior notice.
  • No refund will be given irrespective of the reason.
  • Decision made by the institution is final in all the case.


Additional information

Course type

Online, At, the, Institute, At, my, place

Institute Location

Nagarabhavi, 2nd, stage, Bengaluru, Online

Number of Sessions

8, sessions, per, cycle


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